Dr. De Leonardis Espedito

Dr. Espedito De Leonardis is a chiropractor, researcher and great observer of the human being who graduated in the United States from the Western States Chiropractic College. He practices his profession in Florence. Defining him as a chiropractor in the classic sense is an understatement because Dr De Leonardis has developed, over the years, his own technique which is the compendium of studies, research and comparisons with other techniques. His major studies have concerned embryology, from which everything starts and to which everything refers, integrating them with the study of emotions, because we are our emotions, and how they affect and shape us. He moves and works by recovering Ars Medica, considering medicine as an art that, starting from the brain, reaches the feeling.

Dr. Manetti Gloria

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Dr. Guidi Stefano

Dr Stefano Guidi is a specialist in General Hematology. Former Director of the Adult Program of the Bone Marrow Transplant Center of the Careggi Hospital. Head of the Clinical Hemopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Unit and Head of the Hemopoietic Medullary Stem Cells Collection Unit. Former Senior Level Manager of the SOD Complex of Hematology and subsequently of the SOD Complex of Cellular Therapies and Transfusion Medicine of AOU Careggi. Former Adjunct Professor of Blood Diseases at the School of Specialization in Hematology of the University of Florence.Former Coordinator of the national commission: Transplants from non-family donors of the Italian Bone Marrow Transplant Group (GITMO MUD).

Dr. Grossi Alberto

Dr. Alberto Grossi, hematologist. He graduated from the University of Florence and specialized first in Clinical and Laboratory Hematology and later in Nuclear Medicine.

Dr. Siena Giampaolo

2004, Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Florence with 110/110 cum laude
2008, Internship in Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery at Lahey Clinic and Medical Center, Boston, USA
2009, Postgraduate Diploma in Urology at the University of Florence with 70/70 cum laude
2010, Research grant on tumor-targeting therapy in bladder cancer, University of Florence
2011, Medical Director, Head of Laparoscopic and Robotics Surgery at Le Scotte Hospital, Siena
Since 2011, Tutor of Laparoscopic Surgery of the prestigious European School of Urology
2016, PhD in Robotic Surgery in Kidney Transplantation and Removal, University of Florence
2017, First simultaneous robotic-assisted kidney removal and transplant surgery performed in Italy
2018, Qualification as university professor of second level urology
2019, First day-hospital surgery for prostate ablation performed in Italy with the Rezum system
Author of over 2000 urological surgeries
Author and co-author of over 200 articles, abstracts and videos published in indexed journals and presented at national and international conferences:
Member of the European Association of Urology; Italian Society of Urology; General Medical Council UK; Italian Society of Endourology.
He currently works as a medical director at the Urological Clinic, Careggi University Hospital and at the Villa Donatello Nursing Home.

Dr.ssa Baroncelli Tiziana Anna

As an angiologist has been a freelance professional since 1984 at the Leonardo da Vinci institute in Florence, at the Life and Dermatos studies in Prato. He has attended the Angiology Division of the University since 1982 throughout his specialization and afterwards as a volunteer doctor, participating in numerous research works with the Team of Prof. G. Nuzzaci which were followed by numerous publications on angiology and the Clinic department. Chirurgica, first directed by Prof. Nocentini and then by Professors M.Pace and L.Cataliotti, starting a specific experience on lymphedematous pathology and on the problems of angiology applied to oncology. Since 2001 he has been managing a Research Project on the Diagnostics of Lymphedema at the Medical Clinic first and currently at the Cardiology in S. Luca Nuovo.