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Specialists medical practice

Over the course of the years, the Leonardo da Vinci Institute has expanded its premises, creating specialist medical practices which are open to professional doctors, who rely on its facilities to carry out their work. Information is available, on request, with regard to schedules and services offered by our specialists.

The specialist medical practices are evolving constantly and integration with the clinical chemistry analysis laboratory and instrumental diagnostics offers patients qualified and professional assistance, whilst paying attention to the individual and his/her specific needs.

Dott. Alonzo Attilio
Dott.ssa Baroncelli Tiziana Anna
Sclerotherapy / Angiology
Dott. Cadelo Massimo
Dott. De Leonardis Espedito
Dott. Grossi Alberto
Dott. Longo Andrea
Dott.ssa Manetti Gloria
Legal Medicine
Dott. Guidi Stefano
Dott. Siena Giampaolo
Urology - Andrology